10 of 30

♥ half days. I work 9s every other week so’s I can have a half-Friday every other Friday. I feel so spoiled leaving the office at 11am. And today I felt SUPER spoiled because I went and splurged on a new chair and two new lamps for the basement. Sounds spendy, huh? But it wasn’t. I spent a whopping $24 thanks to my superior bargaining skillz at my favorite local junk shop (this place isn’t a thrift store, it’s the place outdated commercial office and motel furnishings GO TO DIE, or get sold for next to nothin’ to brave gals in high boots with a roll of singles and a smile). I am still coughing from the dust after hauling that crap home in the Corolla, but it will be worth it.

Gotta get a paper written for class, then I can get to the fun, messy part of my weekend. Happy Friday!!!

Bracelet ——–> Forever 21


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