7 of 30

You want to know why this challenge is hard? Because even though I thought I planned for everything, I really didn’t. Like I planned for different options for different types of weather. But what I didn’t plan for is that things wouldn’t fit properly. Like the skirt I wore today. Pretty sure I only wore it during my conference in Vegas, where I never sat down for more than 5 minutes. And also I may have gained a few pounds. Dunno. You can’t tell because it’s pulled up to my rib cage (cuz… that’s where it fits… it’s not supposed to be this short…) but the waist of this skirt is SO TIGHT. And this fabric has NO GIVE.

Anyway, I only wore this for half a day before driving home in pain to change into something that allowed me to sit comfortable. And eat. And breath. And stuff. I either have to do the Master Cleanse for the next 15 days or find something else to wear October 7. 😉

——> necklace from Claire’s


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