6 of 30

This outfit feels so fallish! I was looking at myself in the mirror this morning while I was getting ready, totally craving another freakin pumpkin spice latte. This shirt’s gonna cost me a lot more than I even thought I was paying for it. $4.65 at a time.

Belt ——> Merona

Bracelet ——-> Merona

Socks ——> Urban Outfitters

Necklace ——> gift from hubs


3 thoughts on “6 of 30”

  1. love this one. there’s just something about the colors on that shirt. i love the v-neck and the width of the stripes. and then i love the knee highs and boot combo. man, i wish i didn’t live in the land of eternal summer. i really miss fall.

    1. i think i owned something like this when i was a little kid. it seemed to familiar which is precisely why i bought it. i love it, too.

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