lovely laundry

For me, a quick little organizing project is the perfect pick-me-up. It gets me revved up to take on more, quite honestly, because after this little 30 minute success story {finished at 130 am Saturday morning}, I ended up listing/scheming what I’d be doing with my weekend.

So this is my laundry area. It’s in a closet in our downstairs bathroom. So, it’s hidden with doors, making me forget to keep it neat looking, but it also gets DEPRESSING to look at when I’m standing in there folding and such. Here’s it’s rock-bottom:

I know. It’s not the worst, because there’s not a ton of stuff. But it was wasted, ugly space. See:


So, I took everything out, tossed a few things, and took an inventory of the rest. I also cleaned the shelves, walls and floor I could get to. I gathered up some nicer-looking containers {unused flower pot, a nicer bin}, and put it all back neatly.

The little yellow flower pot holds lose change and other misc pocket contents. Also swapped out that “Life is Beautiful” thingy that was hanging up. It was a wedding gift I really didn’t love… I’m going to paint over it and do something different. I know. So sentimental.

But it’s so cheery, for zero dollars and zero cents and about 30 minutes of my time. (:


2 thoughts on “lovely laundry”

  1. Sometimes even just a closet is a pain – dirty laundry gets stored and sorted elsewhere and hauled in. But at least it’s a neat little finished space. Hope you get your laundry space one day!

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