mixed music // #3

More mixed music fun – theme: remixes/covers.

Here’s my Sharpie’d-up contribution.

and here’s the track-listing:

  1. Kidney Thieves – Crazy {Patsy Cline cover}
  2. Alkaline Trio  – Wake Up Exhausted {Tegan and Sara cover}
  3. Marilyn Manson  – The Horrible People –{Beautiful People / remixed}
  4. Sneaker Pimps  – Post-Modern Sleaze {Flight from Nashville Remix} –
  5. Radiohead  – Talk Show Host {original/unmixed, but it’s the version you never hear}
  6. Franz Ferdinand  – All My Friends {LCD Soundsystem Cover}
  7. Big Pun – Twinz {Deep Cover 98} {Samples Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg’s “Deep Cover”}
  8. Johnny Cash  – Rusty Cage {Soundgarden cover}
  9. Ben Folds Five  – Bitches Ain’t Shit  {Dr. Dre cover}
  10. Kayne West  – Addiction {Samples “My Funny Valentine” by Etta James}
  11. Dandy Warhols  – Call Me {Blondie cover}
  12. White Stripes  – One More Cup of Coffee {Bob Dylan cover}
  13. The Cure  – A Forest {Tree Mix}
  14. Fabulous  – Keepin’ It Gangsta {Remix Ft Styles, Jadakiss & M.O.P.}
  15. Bjork – Big Time Sensuality {Fluke MiniMix}
  16. Cat Power – Stuck Inside Of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again {Bob Dylan cover}
  17. Marissa Nadler – Famous Blue Raincoat {Leonard Cohen cover}

Gettin’ some fantastic mixes from the group. I’m also rediscovering and finding totally overdue appreciation for my own music collection. Taking ideas for the next theme – anyone got a good one?


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