remix reschedule & unexpected awesomeness

I hate being a liar, and worse, a flake. The 30/30 remix is being postponed a bit… it will now run Sept 15-Oct 14… on account of camping. And some other things, that will literally make dressing decently AND photographing it a near-impossible chore. It’s definitely in-work though. I’ve actually picked all the items I’ll be wearing and mixed em’ up on a spreadsheet {serious, it’s a bit nerdy I know}. I’m stoked about it, and I’m wondering if anyone else is getting in on the fun, too? Please let me know if you plan to. The other reason behind postponing it a bit is that the cooler weather makes it easier to layer, thus easier to remix!

Another fun thing: Stephanie sent me more goodies from Japan (!!), including my favorite new shirt:

It reads: “Think Right” {in sequins- yeah!} “HAVE A GREAT DEAL OF HOPE RARELY”

What does it mean??!?! I don’t know!!! But I love it!!!

And these slippers:

Aren’t they the cutest??? There was also some pretty washi paper {I’ll post when I use in a project!} and another fantastic shirt I may just try to mix into the 30/30. It’s adorable and weird and I love it. Thanks again, Steph!


8 thoughts on “remix reschedule & unexpected awesomeness”

  1. okay so our foreign exchange student from japan wore shirts like that one all the time…they didn’t make sense. i wonder if they were literal translations that would make sense in japanese? our girl was so cute though. they definitely have a fashion all their own. and the girl could shop for hours! she loved all the great deals here! i would love to shop in japan!

    1. wondered the same thing – auto-translation generator or something? i love it! i totally want to go to japan one day, for sure.

  2. I was going to attempt the 30/30 remix on the qt, but I didn’t think I could really do much until after Labour Day – so the postponement is great. If you don’t care that an old broad joins in, I’m all over it like a wet t-shirt.

  3. I love that shirt! I do wonder if it would make sense if translated into Japanese and if someone took some great Japanese saying, plopped it into an online translator and put the English version on a shirt. Either way, it’s petty great!

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