what’s in my bag?

I totally love the “what’s in my bag?” posts I see every so often. Since I was in the process of cleaning mine out today, I thought I would do my own!

  • Purse: black leather Style & Co. from Macy’s. This is my everyday bag, and I love it. I’ve had it for over three years {I remember because I bought it before I started my current job}. It’s roomy, and giant, and looks like it costs way more than it did, and people are always asking where I got it.
  • Planner: red 365 Franklin Covey. It’s all there. I have carried this around for years, too, just getting new page refills. I’m terrible though, I can’t bare to throw away theold notes/calendar pages each year because I like to remember what I was doing 3 years ago today. I’m weird like that. I keep them in a magazine file in my office. 😛 I’m FREAKISH about being on time and keeping track of commitments and writing down goals and milestones. My calendar gets totally insane, not from appointments but from little notes to myself.
  • Green faux snakeskin wallet from Rue 21. You truly get what you pay for, because this thing’s not made it a full year and is falling apart already.
  • Aviator sunglasses from American Eagle. I finally found sunglasses I liked in the guy’s section.
  • Pink glittery pencil case from Target. I use this to hold lipstick, bobby pins, hair elastics, band-aids, etc.
  • Band-aids, of the Hello Kitty variety, for shoe-induced blisters.
  • Hello Kitty coin purse. Was a gift from Stephanie!
  • Aleve. I have tendonitis in both wrists. Believe me, if you don’t know what it’s like to have it, it’s HORRIBLE! Anti-inflamatories are all that help. Being stranded without it one weekend while 4 wheeling and camping was horrid. I lost ability to grip a coffee mug. For real. It’s crazy.
  • Sharpie pen. The world’s best pen!
  • Lipstick, MAC in “New York Apple.” It’s a soft red with just enough orange/rust in it to make it work for any time of day.
  • Lipgloss, Bath and Body Works Lemon Vanilla. It tastes like cookie frosting.
  • Keys. Complete with beer opener keyring.
  • Hand sanitizer, Bath and Body Works Nectarine Mint. I’m a hand sanitizer JUNKIE.
  • Extra Polar Ice. I’ve been chewing this flavor all day, every day, since high school at least.
  • Samsung Solstice. My first touch screen phone. It’s ok. I work in a high security facility bans cell-phone. Meaning I’m without a phone for 9 hours a day. I can’t justify the expense, and I don’t think I know, or want to know, what I’m missing without an iPhone.

How do men survive without a purse??? What are your “must haves”?


9 thoughts on “what’s in my bag?”

  1. oooh, i always love this tag too. it not only justifies the snoop in me, but the exhibitionist. my must-haves: excedrin, cough drops, wallet, phone, ipod, work security clearance badge, and little red moleskine. add to that about a million receipts and random papers and you have my purse.

    1. nice, you should do your own! or have you? for some reason your list feels freakishly familiar or is it just cuz i know you so well? i knew Excedrin would be on there. do you still rock a hello kitty wallet? i still remember that tiny one you used to have!

  2. ummm you are so glamorous! i have dipaers, wipes, a comb, tide 2 go pen, lots of hansitizer, coupons, littlest pet shop animals, diaper rash cream, wallet, lip gloss, and scissors (?????)

    1. glamorous? haha! maybe more like childless. i feel like wrangling a purse is challenging enough let alone four kiddos! how’s the fam?

  3. no you lead a glamorous life…dinner parties, vacations, you get ready EVERY day! ha ha! Fam is great. Kids are wonderful. Congrats to you on your anniversary. You guys seriously look fantastic!!!!

  4. I used to carry a bag stuffed full of all sorts of randomness but with summer, I’ve taken to just carrying my wallet, cell phone, and camera around with most of the time.

    And those sharpie pens!! They really are the best ever!

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