new wardrobe challenge : 30/30 remiX

Confession: I kind of love being the most fashionable girl at the office. True, my competition is not steep (sniff sniff, Steph, I also totally miss having someone relatable there!}. I work with mainly dudes and some older (retired-military-type) women who are nice enough but I think secretly find me annoying. I get a lot of… “nice… ruffles.” Or trying to name my look-of-the-day, as if patterned tights are so wacky. “Urban horse-jockey?” Yeah yeah. Yuck it up, Polo Shirt. I dress up to make the cube land a little less depressing, a little funkier for me, that and the Lil Wayne discography on my computer {headphones of course} make that place just a little more tolerable. Damn the Man. I am not my khakis. Because I am my peacock feather earrings.

So, I’m doing a mini wardrobe challenge in September – who’s in??

Here are the details:

What it is: 30/30 remiX. Inspired by Lucky magazine and Kendi, choose 30 items in your closet. Mixing and matching your little heart out, make 30 different outfits with em’. This means {for me} tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, jackets. Accessories are free… that means tights, socks, hair things, hats, scarves… oh yeah. The fun stuff! But you can do this any ol’ way you want if you want to play along.

When it is: Wednesday, Sept. 1- Thursday, September 30.

How I’ll do it: Choose things that are adaptable, use lots of layers, and accessorize to pull things together! Pick a few funky things to make it interesting. I’ll post a list of all the pieces I’ll be using, and daily photo of each outfit. FUN!

Why?: Because you don’t have to have a huge budget or look like a celebrity to make getting dressed every day fun. Because limiting your options makes you more creative/resourceful. Because the only good thing about summer ending is the fall fashion – may as well embrace it. Because I love to prove I can live on less and still have a great time. Because it’s super fun to annoy people who think it can’t be done.

Anyone want to do it with me? Even if you don’t blog about it, I’d love to hear if you decide to do it and how it’s going along the way!

Click here for some remix inspiration, and I’ll be back with more details soon!:

^From Lucky Magazine {A month of outfits}.

^From Anthropologie {one dress, 4 ways}.

Check out Kendi’s latest 30 for 30: summer edition.

Wardrobe Remix Flickr pool.


6 thoughts on “new wardrobe challenge : 30/30 remiX”

  1. Kellie, You are my fashion inspiration! I am honored to be considered fashion-relatable. Keep up the great posts!

    1. you’re the pro; now that you’re gone i’m trying to carry the torch. i don’t have nearly the effortless {seeming} style that you have!

    1. you should absolutely do it with me! it will be fun – let me know for sure if you decide to! i’m stoked.

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