quick and healthy summer food

I’m all about fast but still healthy food in the summer! This year I got smart; I’ve been keeping a list of all the super easy, super tasty meals I’ve been whipping up {without a recipe or any weird ingredients} this summer so I can recreate them in a pinch. I thought I would share!

1. “Fancy” salad

Mix up a few handfuls of spinach and/or other greens, about a tablespoon of crumbled feta cheese, a diced apple {I like tart like Fuji or Granny Smith}, and about 10 chopped walnuts. Top with low fat Raspberry Vinegarette dressing. This is my go-to lunch to pack for work; it’s easy but tastes “fancy.”

2. Pesto paninis

Slice up some French bread. In a small bowl mix 2tbs fat free cream cheese and 1tbs prepared pesto {from a deli}. Spread cream cheese mixture on one side of all the bread slices. Thinly slice a Campari tomato. Make two sandwiches with the tomato slices. Brush the outsides of the sandwiches with olive oil and grill with a panini press {I just use my George Foreman grill!}.

3. Shrimp tacos

Makes a few. In a pan mix up 1/2 can of black beans, 1/2 can sweet kernel corn, and 1/4 cup of prepared salsa. Stir in some cumin and chili powder to taste. Throw in some cooked shrimp to heat through. Wrap in a small flour tortilla with some chopped tomatoes and avacados. Squeeze some lime on the mixture before wrapping the tortilla. I forgot to add cheese the second time I made these and didn’t notice it was missing, so skip it to save calories!

4. Fruit salsa and cinnamon sugar tortilla chips

Dice a peeled apple, 2 kiwi fruit, and about 10 strawberries. Slightly mash a carton of raspberries and add to chopped fruit. Spoon in about 2 tbs prepared raspberry preserves. Mix together and refrigerate. Slice several flour tortillas into 8 wedges each with a pizza cutter. Brush both sides with butter and lay on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Broil until browned and crispy. Serve together- holy yum.

5. Greens with pasta

Toss together various greens, diced tomato, broccoli florets, or zuccini {steamed}, etc. {I use whatever veggies I have available}. Toss in a bit {1/8 cup or so} cooked pasta, such as rotini. Mix with a balsamic vinaigrette dressing {I like this one}. Add 1tbs of fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

6. Fast coconut veggie korma

Chop up favorite veggies: I like carrots, green beans, peas, cauliflower, and red bell pepper, plus one potato… saute them in some butter with a few tsps of garum masala and curry. Once potatoes are fully cooked through, add one can light coconut milk. Stir together and heat through. Taste-test; if it doesn’t have enough spice, add a bit more garum masala and cook a few more minutes. Serve over basmati rice.

7. Vegetable quesadillas

Put some grated cheese, salsa, and sauteed veggies on a flour tortilla. Top with a second tortilla. Heat up in a skillet coated with cooking spray til the cheese is melted. Cut into wedges and serve with sour cream, salsa, and guacamole.

Some other ideas:

  • Grilled pizza
  • Grilled veggie and meat kebabs with rice
  • New and different grains, like quinoa or cous cous, mixed with sauteed vegetables and toasted pine nuts and some lemon juice – yum!
  • Stir fry with whatever veggies you have on hand {We have zucchini coming up like weeds in the garden, so we are having fun trying to use it up!}

What’s on everyone’s menu this summer?


2 thoughts on “quick and healthy summer food”

  1. We’ve got the same zucchini thing going on over here and are enjoying putting zucchini in almost everything. And I love a good salad with random bits of veggies thrown in – add some feta and some nuts and it really does make it feel “fancy.”

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