mixed music monday #2 // on a tuesday*

*because rock knows no schedule.

Mix CD swap #2; the theme for this one was “Unamerican Activities”: music from outside the US. Here’s my track listing:

  1. Thunder – Prodigy {English}
  2. The Moment I Feared – Slick Rick {English}
  3. Army of Me – Bjork {Icelandic}
  4. Oh My God – Mark Ronson Feat. Lily Allen {English}
  5. Come Around – M.I.A. Feat Timbaland [English}
  6. 6 Underground {The Umbrellas of Ladywell Mix} – Sneaker Pimps {English}
  7. Moses – Soulfly {singer/guitarist Max Cavalera is Brazilian}
  8. Chemical Beats – Chemical Brothers {English}
  9. Everything’s Just Wonderful – Lily Allen {English}
  10. Shhhh… {Hope Diggy} – Apex Theory {Armenian}
  11. Inertia Creeps – Massive Attack {English}
  12. My Moon My Man – Feist {Canadian}
  13. Tomorrow Comes Today – Gorillaz {English/Cartoon}
  14. To Be Free – Emiliana Torrini {Icelandic}
  15. Fragile – Lacuna Coil {Italian}

Packaging idea from A Beautiful Mess. I absolutely love love love this simple packaging idea!


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