how to grill a pizza

Mmmmm, grilled pizza. This made the best Friday night meal on the patio. Yum. And, it’s easy. I used a pre-made pizza dough and rolled it as flat as possible. Then gathered up the fixins. Olive oil to brush on the crust, a sauce (made of pureed tomatoes, tomato sauce, garlic and a little sugar), some mozzarella, and fresh basil and tomatoes.

Brush olive oil on one side of the crust and lay that side down directly on the grill. It won’t fall through, promise. It gets crispy real fast. Brush the other side with oil.

When the crust puffs up and gets grill marks, flip it. Leave it for just about one minute, then move it to the side of the grill without the flame. Spread on the toppings. Close the grill lid and “bake” about 10 minutes. {Can you tell which side is Jonathan’s? Haha, he hates tomatoes!}

Turn off the flame; once the cheese is melted it should be ready to eat.


3 thoughts on “how to grill a pizza”

  1. Yummy! That looks so delicious! I think I will bring that to my next neighborhood grill-out. Thanks for the recipe.

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