2010 ultimate wardrobe challenge

…and it’s over. 181 days of planning different outfits, documenting them daily, and no retail. In that span I went to Vegas, New Orleans, and a camping trip. Got a bad haircut. Was sick for 5 weeks of it. Got bangs. Went on three thrift store excursions. Cut up a few tee shirts. Embraced heels. Learned a LOT about what doesn’t flatter me. Wore items I never wear. Decided I really hate posing. Learned to wear eye makeup. Discovered I wear too much black. Had several body image crises. Dressed (slightly) better on lazy weekends. Felt girlier than ever (in a good way). Learned that accessories can make all the difference. Felt stumpy. Felt svelte. Felt fashionable. Felt lumpy. It was a fun 6 months, but an anticlimactic ending. I couldn’t do it for 6 more, but I certainly feel like I can better remix what I already have.

What should my first purchase be?


4 thoughts on “2010 ultimate wardrobe challenge”

  1. You rock Kellie! That is such a long time with no new purchases, I don’t think I could have done it. You are so creative and make me want to try to do something like this. I have so many clothes that I don’t wear and, I too, wear too much black. Oh well! Go spoil yourself!

    PS-Love the dress from day 172.

    1. thanks, tash! it was fun. it didn’t seem like such a long time to not purchase anything, but certainly a long time to try to come up with new outfits every day! ironically i still wore new outfits the last 2 days but with no obligation to photograph and no pressure to make sure they are slightly interesting. :p

      you should do it, even if just for a month!

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