cooking club @ my house – BBQ

Cooking club was at my hiz Friday night. BBQ-themed; badminton, mojitos, grilled goodness and fun friends. Excellent start to a fun, sunny weekend. I hope everyone had/is having a great one!

{PS: 15 months later, cooking club is still going strong!}


6 thoughts on “cooking club @ my house – BBQ”

  1. Ooh – how I miss the dinner club! I am so glad that the tradition is still going strong, nothing brings people together like good food 🙂

    1. steph- we miss you there! i was looking at old pics of greek night, reminiscing. they have all been fun and delish but i think the cajun night was one of the best ever!!!

      1. I am so glad to see everyone looking so happy! I miss you all, sniff! The dinner clubs just kept getting better n’ better…Your b-b-q looks outstanding – you are a great hostess!

  2. Is that Kelsey White (maiden name) in the top picture on the left? She was good friends with my sister in high school. It looks a lot like her. That is crazy if it is, small world. Looks like fun.

    1. yes! that is kelsey garner now – married to that fella’ beside her. i work with him! she’s adorable huh- that is a small world! i’ll tell dustin. 🙂

  3. That is so crazy. I will have to let my sister know. By the way..happy birthday! It looks like you had a great day.

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