it’s mixed tape swap day …

and it was the best day. (:

My mix track listing:

  1. hello kitty kat – smashing pumpkins
  2. bones – radiohead
  3. souljacker, pt. 1 – eels
  4. outta me, onto you – ani difranco
  5. the greatest view – silverchair
  6. on the other side – the strokes
  7. bodies – smashing pumpkins
  8. bohemian like you – the dandy warhols
  9. so what – ani difranco
  10. more adventurous – rilo kiley
  11. good fortune – pj harvey
  12. debaser – pixies
  13. point of view – silverchair
  14. paper bag – fiona apple
  15. hotel song – regina spektor
  16. no surprises – radiohead
  17. lua – bright eyes
  18. second intermission- ani difranco
  19. a nervous tic motion of the head to the left – andrew bird
  20. my decent into madness – eels
  21. gravity – a perfect circle
  22. was it you? – spoon
  23. followed the waves – melissa auf der maur
  24. you know I’m no good – amy winehouse
  25. cruel – tori amos
  26. zer0space – kidney thieves
  27. betrayed – avenged sevenfold
  28. true nature – jane’s addiction
  29. mayonnaise – smashing pumpkins
  30. as cool as i am – dar williams
  31. white gold – the dandy warhols
  32. your next bold move – ani difranco
  33. 30 seconds – tracy bonham
  34. sweet sunshine – beck
  35. if you fall – azure ray
  36. lost – avenged sevenfold
  37. pushit – tool
  38. the leaving song – afi
  39. welcome to: – ani difranco
  40. song to say goodbye – placebo

Working on the packaging at midnight was reminiscent of my days as a ‘zine slinger. I totally miss spending all my change on music and selling plasma for grocery money, making my own paper with my roommate’s cookie sheets and blender, and attending Black Student Union meetings for the free coffee {what?}. Somehow now bad coffee’s just bad and I forget to find new things that inspire me. Being handed some zip-tied jewel cases containing Prodigy, Bjork and Dwight Yoakam tracks will totally remind you what your life’s been missing lately, like whoa.


3 thoughts on “it’s mixed tape swap day …”

  1. Mix-tape swap day? I’ve never heard of anything so glorious! I would feel the need to go buy cassettes for the retro-ism of it all. Your cases look pretty sweet!

    1. it’s the best thing of the week. 🙂 who are you listening to this days? i miss talking about music with you! i’m diggin tegan and sara right now. heard them?

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