home stretch.

I can’t believe this little wardrobe challenge of mine is still kinda fun! Today marks 146 days of different outfits and 146 days of documented narcissism. {I need to feel loved, ok?} It’s not as much the “challenge” I was expecting it to be. It’s more time-consuming than I thought, difficult to remember to take a daily photo, annoying to have to remember to make myself {if only temporarily} semi-presentable on a yard-work Saturday.

And oh yeah, the weather is NOT cooperating. I thought I would be mixing some more summery combos into the fold by now. How tragic, Utah doesn’t remember how to do May the one time I need to desperately break out the halter dresses. But other than that, totally easy and fun. Ha.

The trickiest part, since the beginning, has been assembling different outfits that are actually INTERESTING. I could do some statistical calculations for you, determining how many possible combinations I’ve got based on number of items and probably that would be close to 1,000. (Ok. I can’t actually do those calculations. I could probably get out some test tubes and a white lab coat, an abacus and a ruler and give you just as accurate a number). I’d guess, of possible combos, 70% of possible outfits would be completely Olsen-twin* wacko and 15% of them would be the sartorial equivalent to a Bachelorette contestant {that is, unoffensive to look at but painfully boring}.

I’ve hit many of the latter in an effort to avoid the former. Boooring. I have absolutely taken the easy way soooo many times. Turns out, remixing is easiest when you have a few staples that go with everything. I have two identical-but-the-color flyaway cardigans from Charlotte Russe that go with everything. See? Just wear any shirt and pants and throw on a cardi. Cuz layers=slightly more interesting.

Other 5-month-in observations/lessons:

  1. *I actually am rather fond of the Olsen twins. Because I can’t NOT smirk when I camera is in my face, either, apparently.
  2. I could do this better a second time around with better planning.
  3. I hate my hair so much of the time, and I especially hate it in photos.
  4. I own too many things that look similar. I have 8 pairs of black pants. That doesn’t include the 3 pairs of black capris.
  5. I don’t own enough shoes. Because I can’t find the perfect ones at a price I can afford, I don’t buy many at all. If I extend the wardrobe challenge I’m going to break down and buy a couple pairs of shoes regardless.

I’m trying to decide where to take it when June is over. Spending spree or a challenge extension? New challenge with new rules? I have a month to make the decision!

Stay tuned for the final month, with an extra special twist! 😉


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