birthday wish list

I have a birthday coming up in a month and I’ve been asked for gift ideas. I really {really!} don’t expect much. My perfect day would include: take the day off work. Get myself a giant vanilla latte. Work on craft projects, look at magazines and books, and sleep in the sun all day. Have dinner cooked for me {at home, not at a restaurant!}. And might include a cupcake, bonus if it’s a super cute one.

Buuuut, since I was asked what might tickle my fancy, here are a few things I sure wouldn’t mind getting. (:

1. Kitchen goodies. A food processor or a panini press and grill.

2. A cute lil dress. Like this or this.

3. Cool colored boots that will extend the birthday cheer til Fall when I can actually wear them! Love these ones. Or some go-with-everything black wedges for the office. The perfect ones allude me so I don’t own any, but I neeeeeeeed some. These are pretty cute.

4. Amy Butler fabric to spruce up the kitchen and bedroom. How do you narrow it down, though?

5. Some Keen hiking boots. So practical, but these would be awesome to have.

What’s on your wish list right now?


2 thoughts on “birthday wish list”

  1. Ours birthday’s must be close. Mine is June 26th. I have a new wallet and sunglasses on my list. Things I need to replace desperately. Hope your birthday is exactly how you want it.

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