fix or toss?

I took the day off to enjoy the weather and to spend the day doing some spring cleaning/dejunking and finishing up some in-progress projects. One of those projects is my clothing-to-fix pile. Buttons that need secured, zippers that need replaced, ect. Digging through I found some real gems- 3 pretty and colorful dresses I never wear because… they need something, but I can’t figure out what! Will you help? Can these be fixed or should I let someone else love them?

Dress number 1:

This one was something like 90% off on the Kohls clearance rack. I wore it once, with cowgirl boots and a denim jacket! But it’s just so big (but cozy) and I hate those sleeves! What can I do to fix it?

Perhaps just take it in a bit so it’s not so billowy? Here I am demonstrating in a very scientific way, holding it back. ha. Would that fix it, or are the sleeves too ridiculous for this to ever be wearable?

Dress number 2:

I ordered this from Urban Outfitters to wear to my cousin’s wedding a few years ago. I haven’t worn it since because it’s just so… purple. I think it’s really cute and casual and probably great for a weekend of errand-running. I have considered dying it, but I would obviously have to go darker to cover the purple, making it a less-summery navy, gray or black {this dress also came in black and it was pretty cute}. Thoughts? Dye it or leave it alone? This one I’d like to keep and wear because I love the length and it’s soooo comfy.

Dress number 3:

Tthis bright yellow Forever 21 beauty is one of my favorite colors that unfortunately doesn’t flatter me much {esp in that quantity}. The super-short length doesn’t either {though it doesn’t seem too short just standing there, the fabric is so light it moves up a bit as I walk and the slightest breeze could mean very bad news}. It’s made of jersey so it’s stretchy. When I pull it down to cover more leg, my bra will show. When I pull it up to avoid uber cleavage, it feels way short. I could dye this one, too, but it’s sad because I’d never have pulled it off that Savers rack to begin with if it were boring ol’ brown or black. But really, it’s not the color that’s the problem, which is good because I bought another dress the same color exactly {oops} but it’s much more “me” style-wise. Thoughts on this one? Give it to someone who could give it a better home than me? Sew a band of fabric along the bottom to make it a better length for me?

Any ideas would be appreciated!


6 thoughts on “fix or toss?”

  1. for what it’s worth…I’d take in dress #1 and possibly just remove the sleeves all together if that’s a possibility. No suggestions for dress #2. And for dress #3 I’d suggest shortening it to make it a top since you already have another, more flattering to you, dress in that same color.
    Good luck and have fun!

    1. That’s a good idea for dress no. 3! Taking off just a few inches would make it a top. Thanks for the ideas and for stopping by!

  2. Dress #1 maybe take it in a little at the waist, since it is so big and try cutting the puffy sleeves to be more like a tank top sleeve. Make sense? Dress #2, I like and I think dying it black is a good idea. Who can’t use a nice black summer dress? You can always throw on a colorful cardigan over it or something. Dress #3, I like the idea of cutting it to make it a top. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, clever girl! I will see what I can do with the red one… that’s the one I can see screwing up! I will see what I can do and post the results! (:

  3. For #1 I would take it in at the sides a little bit and then make a dart at the top center of each sleeve to take down a little poof.

    I like #2, but maybe the color isn’t showing its true shade on my computer. I think I’d go for navy dye to tone it down a bit.

    For #3 making it a top like everyone else said is a great idea, but I’m a huge fan of wearing short-short dresses around the house in the summer. I have a few go-to dresses that I just throw on in the morning and wear all day. Of course, they’re not go-to-the-post office appropriate, but they make me feel dressed and pretty even when I don’t leave the house.

    1. Thanks for the advice! That’s a really good point w/ number 3… might be perfect for a crafty weekend or lounging around outside with a stack o’ magazines in the summer. Maybe I’ll give it a shot this summer once before making the final decision about chopping it off or not. Navy dye on the purple dress is a great idea – I’m partial to the idea mostly cuz I already bought the Navy blue RIT {great minds think alike!}. Thanks again for stopping by!

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