Hello Mail!

Not only is the weekend here- yay!- but I got to come home to an awesome mail day! My friend Stephanie {sadly} moved to Japan a few months ago, but the thoughtful and fantastic gal she is, she sent me a package loaded with goodies from Japan! Check out all that Hello Kitty merch!

So cute! I cannot help it that, though I really don’t particularly like cats, I adore Hello Kitty! It’s that sugary cuteness overload I can’t get enough of {something Stephanie and I bonded over when we worked together!}.

Included in the package was a little day planner with lots of organizing goodness {calendar, note pad, dividers…}, some pens, a coin purse, sponge, and cute bandanna! Office supplies are very near the top of my favorite things list, and Hello Kitty office supplies are just a little bundle of awesome that makes me giddy. The packaging is chock-full of lovely English translations I love:

She also included a cherry blossom craft punch {so awesome!} and some completely puzzling socks {they are made to wear with sandals! Dare I try that?!}:

…And some sea glass she gathered up from a beach! I will certainly attempt to make something pretty with it. It looks pretty just sitting there, doesn’t it?

Thank you, Stephanie!!! This absolutely made my day!


3 thoughts on “Hello Mail!”

  1. Hey Kellie!

    So glad you liked your goodies! I can’t wait to see what you fashion out of the seaglass – you will, no doubt, make something fabulous. By the way, did you see the Hello Kitty necklace in there? I hope it didn’t fall out of the package!

    1. I found it! It was still in the package stuck in the corner. So cute! Thanks for that, too, I love it! It’s like my birthday all over again! đŸ˜‰

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