things to make from old magazines

I spend a chunk of Sundays {especially rainy ones} looking at stuff I find inspiring, and saving it for later. I thought maybe I’d start trying to do a crafty-related post each Sunday to get the creative inpiration flowin!

One thing I love to do when I’m feeling crafty is think of stuff I’ve got around the house to use up and upcycle. This could be old tee shirts, fabric scraps, etc. One thing I always have is old magazines/catalogs. Here are a few ideas for how to use old magazines before throwing them in the recycle bin!

  • Recycled magazine bows {the gift is wrapped in newspaper- so eco-friendly!}:

  • Cute magazine frame {or you could just decoupage pictures from magazines around frames. I did that all the time in college!}:

  • Decoupage a chair or another piece of furniture {I have a chair that looks just like this!… sans decoupage… hmmm}:

  • Paper dolls from magazines {like a low-tech polyvore!}:

Make your own envelopes {lots of folding tutorials out there}:

Happy Sunday! I’m not making paper crafts today but I am going to be working on something! I’ll be posting later.


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