ultimate wardrobe challenge // month 4

The wardrobe challenge went really well in April due to the bi-polar weather {all the season’s clothing were put to use- when I can wear flip flops one day and boots the next, I’ve got options}, and a pretty good mid-month thrifting-splurge.


  • Day 95: a bright top and houndstooth has gotten me a few great outfits in the past couple months.
  • Day 96: Lace top and black bead strands made me feel fancy ;).
  • Day 98: Aqua and lime were fun.
  • Day 112: Mustard yellow cardigan and that stripey shirt look so contrasty and awesome together!
  • Day 116: Vacay-casual. I was wearing mardi gras colors in New Orleans- unplanned!

I finished the month weakly because I have been suuuuper busy!

Months five and six are going to be really fun because I’ve got some fun DIY projects up my sleeve plus more time for planning ahead. I’ll be done with class in 2 weeks and I’m taking the summer off (yay!) so more time for projects and playing. Can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “ultimate wardrobe challenge // month 4”

  1. my fave is day 108! you look so young in those cute cute shorts! where did you find them???

    1. Thanks- young? haha, that is awesome. Those shorts are some I picked up at Savers, so I don’t know if you can still find them retail anywhere! They are Calvin Klein. Maybe that helps? Good shorts are so hard to find!

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