scrappy instant gratification bracelets

I’m working on a research paper this weekend but needed a break mid-afternoon.I decided to whip up a couple bracelets using some scraps of fabric I had lying around {chopped into strips, above}. Since I had nothing to lose, money-wise, I tried a couple different styles just to see how they would turn out.

For this one, I cut long, skinny strips of fabric scraps and braided them together. Easy peasy. I plan to make some braided headbands out of old tee-shirts at some point.

For this one, I sewed a long tube out of a piece of fabric {does it look familiar?}. Then I put a marble in the tube, knotted the fabric. Repeat a couple times til it’s wrist-length. My mom used to make necklaces like this in the 80s! So awesome.

This one’s sorta insane, but I like it. I took lots of scraps of ribbon, fabric, and tulle, and tied them to a hair elastic. This one seems really Utah-crafty to me. Promise not to use it as a scrunchie.

This isn’t that awesome, but I used a couple more scraps to tie together some beaded bracelets I had. This is, if nothing else, and easy way to make them slightly more interesting.

Not bad for zero dollars and zero cents, and about 25 minutes of my day. Happy Saturday!


2 thoughts on “scrappy instant gratification bracelets”

  1. I am loving the marble bracelet! I think I’m pretty creative but I would have never thought of something like that. Thanks for the inspiration!

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