vegas recap

Studio 54^ Source.

Back from Vegas yesterday. Fast recap because I have no photographic evidence this trip happened. ):

  • Burned the candle on both ends… worked a conference, coordinating meeting and demo times for lotsa people who have no tolerance for any answer other than “yes, Sir.” Meh.
  • Soaked up the mid-century modern aesthetic of my hotel room at the MGM Grand.
  • Partied it up at Studio 54 (VIP-style), Rok, Harrahs and lotsa little bars. A night of clubbing was on my list of 30 things to do before I am 30. CHECK!
  • A bit of time pool-side, drank a yard-long margarita, got limo rides to and from the airport.
  • Love finding out how awesome some people are in their non-work lives. Great conversations and tons of fun with some people I rarely hang out with.
  • Insane amounts of seafood, some delish Italian and Japanese fare, and lots of coffee consumed.
  • I love excuses to dress up. Why don’t I do more of it???
  • I had to write a paper while I was there for my Organizational Behavior class. Oy. Total Vegas quality work but it’s done. PHEW.
  • I’ve been carrying around a Visa gift card from Christmas with $70 on it… my emergency fund for something clothing-related. I realized on the second day I didn’t pack sandals and had to use my gift card on some $50 sparkly silver sandals. My wardrobe needed more metallic in it anyway. (:
  • Speaking of my wardrobe challenge… guess what I didn’t do for an entire week? My camera battery died, so no daily picture. I wrote down what I wore each day and will recreate it after my laundry is clean! Stay tuned for that. I took one picture, trying to figure out the lighting and where I could pose in my hotel room since I don’t have a tripod. Below is the ONLY picture because after taking it I left my camera on or something and the battery died. I suck. But don’t you love that ridiculous chair? (I have such a thing for weird chairs).

Slept 14 hours last night recouping. Feels good to be back, but it was a gReAt time! In the words of Dewayne, “That is an EVIL city.”


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