a rant. a project. a recipe.

Last week I was accused of being a “traditional, old-fashioned woman” when I was telling a male friend that my weekend plans included baking and cleaning. {They ALWAYS include LOTS of domestic  activities because that’s how life is. Houses don’t clean themselves, dinner doesn’t cook itself… I just happen to like it, too, for the most part. Lucky me.}

I guess it never occurred to me that the fact I dig the homemaking stuff indicates {to some people} I’m in some way a crappy feminist. It’s about choice, people, not about taking over the world {feminism, that is}. Or taking over the world, then making killer brownies later while listening to Tori Amos. Whatever.

So, anyway. In keeping with the good little housewife theme of the weekend, I finished the apron I was working on. This was originally a fug swimsuit coverup-type dress with an elasticy-tubetop thing attached. It was $1 at a thrift store and I liked the fabric because I’m on a serious yellow kick.

I was going to make a skirt out of it. But it dawned on me I could chop off the tube-top part and cut into the shape of an apron easily, similar to those retro halter-style aprons that the kids love these days.  Doing so, and adding some fat gray ribbon ties, and voila!- all that’s missing are the heels and a glass of scotch on the rocks or a pie for my husband when he comes home from a long day. {It’s funny cuz I work more than he does currently. Heeeeeeeeeee}.

In action, making Vegan Banana muffins:…

…which were killer, by the way, and you should make some if you’re a happy homemaker like me. (:  Here’s the recipe.


2 thoughts on “a rant. a project. a recipe.”

  1. You are so far from being a tradition housewife! that is hilarious! I love the apron idea. SO VERY SMART! You should wear only the apron & heals for your husband and surprise him next time he comes home….with some dessert ready….he he.

  2. Nothing wrong with a lady who bakes and cleans on the weekend, I do the same! I also enjoy it, it is kind of my therapy sometimes. Love the apron!

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