magazine bead necklace

I’m needing some inspiration to come up with new {and still interesting} outfits every day. I think I’m losing steam because I’m so tired of  my winter wardrobe.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do when I can’t think of what to wear is plan around accessories. I found these paper beads I made in college, and strung ’em on a string. This tutorial is pretty much the method I used… so easy. I did them while watching crappy chick flicks or something.

I’m so happy I found these! Gotta love a free conversation piece for your outfit.


5 thoughts on “magazine bead necklace”

  1. I did NOT know you had this! Sweetness!

    How’s life? Sweet lookin’ blog you’re sporting here. I’m adding you to my list of follow-stuff.

    1. well hi, you found lil’ me. i just really like talking about myself even if no one listens. (: life’s aight, how about you???

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