springy stuff, and a to do list.

I can’t wait for spring. Everything’s pretty in bright greens and pastels. Some pretty spring things:

^ Brightly-colored French macaroons. I want to try making these. Source. Italian cream sodas. Yummm. Source.

^ Pastel spring-y clothes at jCrew. Lots of ideas for clever layering on their website. Source.

^ Work-appropriate and springy color-combinations at Ruche. {I think their stuff is just as cute as Anthropologie, but waaaay cheaper.} Source.

^ Speckled egg vase filler at Pottery Barn. Source. Make-your-own terrariums, directions at Martha Stewart Online. I already have a great apothecary jar- this project coming up! Source.

^ Cute rain boots. If I were buying stuff… I’d be buying a cute pair of Wellies. Source. Or this cute green dress! {Source.}

^ Bright, perfectly-orderly entryway. Source. Source.

And a To Do list for me!

  • Swap seasonal clothes and re-sort the closet.
  • Get crackin’ on the “upcycle” pile. I have a pile of clothing that needs buttons replaced, dyed-over, or hemmed…
  • Make new curtains for the windows on either side of my front door.
  • Plant some herbs in-doors.
  • Host a girl’s night.
  • Finish fixing up the master bathroom. Jonathan’s pretty much handling this one… I just get to pick out the stuff! It’s getting a new mirror, faucet, light fixture, tub fixtures, and paint.
  • Shampoo the carpets.
  • Wash the windows.
  • Find some patio furniture, preferably second-hand that just requires some spray paint and new cushions.
  • Plan a cooking club event at my house for April!
  • Detail the inside of my car. Shampoo the upholstery. Wash and wax the outside. Organize the trunk and the glove box.
  • Make a terrarium.
  • Get a haircut and some highlights.
  • Sew something ruffly!
  • Finish the apron I’m working on.
  • Rearrange the living room.

One thought on “springy stuff, and a to do list.”

  1. What pretty inspirations! I love the clean lines and fresh colour palettes. Your to-do list looks good, long! I should make one of those to welcome the new season…

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