“butterfly specimen” wall art

The spring-like weather had me thinking about pretty, spring-y things today! So {taking a break from my marketing project to keep my sanity!} I made this real quick wall-art:

I used a feathered butterfly from Michaels, and glued it to a piece of scrapbook paper. I made the mat from a piece of cardboard that was in my recycling bin, and covered it with a fabric scrap left over from the headboard we upholstered. The frame was one I already had- i n fact, it was hanging above the bed before we put up the headboard… I was already anxious to find a use for it!

Here’s the little guy hanging in our master bathroom:

Total cost was the cost of the butterfly, which was $1.99.

This is my second piece of butterfly wall art – there’s one hanging in my dining nook, too:

Only those butterflies are real. I bought that one at an import store for a few bucks a few years ago. It’s my favorite thing hanging on my walls.

I have kind of a thing for butterflies. Whenever I see a photo in a magazine with those framed butterfly specimens my eye goes there immediately. Natural art- feels springy and cheery yet sort of macabre at the same time. Whimsical yet… dark.

I LOVE this huge collage:

And this specimen art:

I hope the warm temperatures stick around for a while… I have lots of things planned for spring!!!


2 thoughts on ““butterfly specimen” wall art”

  1. I’m totally a sucker for butterflies, too. And pretty much any pinned insect. You’re right – just a little macabre.

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