500 days of summer

I know. I know. It’s kinda like Garden State 2.0. Whatever. This is seriously my new favorite movie ever. Quirky and adorable co-stars- check. Regina Spektor soundtrack- check. Great style {clothing and set}- check, check! It smelled of Garden State when the attractive/hipster co-stars bonded over The Smiths. But this one turned less happily ever after- an interesting thought-provoking message, wrapped up in a cute little hipster package.

I love Zooey Deschanel and her giant blue eyes and shaggy bangs. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is such a doll. Great chemistry, and the story is so fabulous. I won’t give it away for you. But lemme say, the IKEA scene was so brilliant and hilarious.

I’m such a sucker for pretty. I loved Summer’s apartment. So quirky, like little origami swans hanging on branches and framed skeleton keys. Sigh.

Images from Fandango.


4 thoughts on “500 days of summer”

    1. awe, i know. we complain that all movies are the same… then one comes out that doesn’t have the cheesy happy ending and we are all secretly disappointed. :p

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