my craft room closet

So this is my craft room closet. Jonathan painted the inside for me a while back because I never got around to it when I painted the rest of the room. It was still Tiffany-blue until a couple weeks ago. But I got inspired to label and organize now that it’s looking spiffy.

And yeah. There are clothes hanging in there… that’s the stuff I need to iron. I like how it looks, all jam-packed.

Anyway. A tour!! I ♥  this closet.

  • Very top shelf. Books, binders, scrapbook paper in periodical organizers you can’t see in the photo. Sorry about that. Big white IKEA boxes hold pillow forms, batting, iron-on transfer paper, and other misc sewing stuff.
  • On the left of the closet, there’s a white bookshelf. In those flat boxes are scrapbook stuff and beads. They are those boxes meant for fishing tackle. Also on the shelf, my tool kit and Prisma colored pencils. And a Troll doll I’ve had since I was about 11.
  • Next to the shelf, wrapping paper.

Ok, the right side of the closet:

  • The top shelf contains sewing books, a box full of pictures/stuff to scrapbook {assuming I start that up again}, and some ribbon. I covered 3 aluminum cans with scrapbook paper and the rolls and scraps of ribbon and lace are hidden in there.
  • The next shelf holds fabric scraps. The large ones are folded on the right. The round containers contain jersey knit scraps, other scraps, and knitting stuff. The little green box holds sewing patterns.

  • Next one down… that little trunk is chock-full of stickers and scrapbook embellishments.
  • The brown boxes are labeled and hold 1) glue/punches, 2) stamps/ink, 3) paint brushes/supplies.
  • Underneath that, the yellow book bag is full of clothing I need to fix up. The purple bin is for paper scraps I’ll eventually recycle.

Oh… that’s not all. The dresser on the opposite wall houses more scrapbook paper, paint, gift wrapping supplies, sewing notions…

But we won’t open any drawers quite yet.

There ya go! (:


2 thoughts on “my craft room closet”

  1. Um…Will you please come and organize my mess of a closet? My office closet is filled with crap. Loads of it that I do not know what to do with.

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