master bedroom // swanky mini-makeover

As I mentioned earlier, I spent some time sprucing up the bedroom this weekend. I decided I wanted a little bit more elegance in the room and have been looking for good deals on nice-looking headboards or art to hang above the bed- something to make it look more posh {this gal’s come a long way from her days of lime green everything…}.

Here’s what I was working with before: some framed letter B’s I’d printed myself and a brown and green color scheme, more or less.

First, I convinced Jonathan to help me make our own headboard. I’ve seen about a million examples over the years on blogs and in DIY magazines claiming how easy it is. I liked this one from Ballard Designs {$619 beans!}, so I thought we could hack it ourselves.

Using some plywood we already had on hand,  Jonathan cut the shape I wanted with a jigsaw. He sanded it a bit then I upholstered it with some batting and decorator fabric. I painstakingly nailed in the tacks as straight and lined up as possible {marked a few pencil lines 2 inches from the edge to keep it straight}. It’s up on legs build by 2x4s and covered with felt to avoid gouging the wall. Here’s the result- TADA!:

Total headboard cost: $45. Happy day.

I decided to take down the green and brown mod curtain panels and replaced them with some gray suede panels from Kohl’s. They were a bargain at $20 each. I love the gray and brown together.

I also picked up that beaded pillow for $10 on clearance {marked down from $50!}. A little sparkle makes everything better. Ok, another switch- the bed skirt. I swapped out the cheapo white one for a prettier, ruffley light gray one. It is from the Shabby Chic line at Target, marked down to $11.

Here’s the final result:

I think it’s so pretty! It’s missing maybe a vase of flowers on the night-stand. 😉

And the total tally: $116 {and $50 of that was purchased with a gift card I’ve been carrying around. Making my cost only $66}.

I have two other little projects in the works for our bedroom, but I didn’t want to wait to post it all at once because I’m impatient like that!! (:


6 thoughts on “master bedroom // swanky mini-makeover”

  1. OH! YOU FREAKIN ROCK! you just decide to do something and then you DO IT! I love love love love love love love love love the head board you made. It is gorgeous. You totally made over your bedroom to the look and feel in the previous post. nice job on the frugalality of it all too. You ROCK!

    1. Ah, shucks. Thanks for the nice words. Us childless folk have the time to do silly things on a whim I guess. Haha. Glad you like it! I dig it, too. (:

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