hood rat

From these:

To this:

1. Find two t-shirts made of jersey knit. These ones were both nearly free and super hideous.

2. Chop up and sew one so it’s flattering. I turned it inside out and laid it flat. I put another t-shirt on top that fits well and used that as a pattern. I cut about 3/4″ bigger to allow for seam allowance, o’course. Stitch back together and make sure it fits. Then, chop off the sleeves and collar as you like it.

3. Make a hood from the other t-shirt. {I cheated and used a pattern piece from this book. Picked up the book for TWO DOLLARS at Ross Dress for Less last week. I was there looking for a fondue pot, NOT for clothing, P.S. (:} Ahem. Anyway. You can also use this tutorial for the hood. One day, when I don’t write instructions for a living, I might take the time to write legit tutorials.

4. Sew that sucker to your t-shirt, right sides together. Here’s the scientific part: if your hood is too wide for the collar of the shirt, chop it bigger. HAHAHA. Sciency. Test tubes and everything.


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