some winter wardrobe staples

Only five weeks in on the challenge, and I’m paying attention to the things I would like to shell out for for next fall/winter season to really expand my wardrobe options. Here are what I consider the winter wardrobe staples I’m lacking {click here for sources}. I’ll keep a look out for thrift versions in the mean time.

On the list: clockwise from top-left: A simple black fitted vest {I’d wear the hell out of it!}, a versatile work-appropriate dress {summer appropriate or over tights in winter}, a cute fitted blazer {I like this military-style one so much}, a colorful pea coat, a chunky men’s-style watch, comfy brown boots, mid-wash skinny jeans, a simple but fun clutch, black platform Mary Janes {go with pants and skirts fabulously, though not this spiky of heel}, some wide-leg trouser-style jeans {I love these J Crew ones}.

{PS, do you Polyvore? If you do, you can add me.}


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