tee shirt scarf

Last weekend I made this super easy scarf out of an old tee shirt. It’s a project listed in a book I blogged about… Generation T: Beyond Fashion. I wore it this week {Day 12 of the UWC ;)}.

I love jersey material because it doesn’t fray- no hemming required. It just kind of rolls up on itself as you sew, so you have to take your time. Also, the weight is awesome because you could wear this in the spring/summer with a tank top or tee shirt, no problem-o. Gotta love a free, fashionable multitasker.

Anyway. Instructions go a little something like this:

  1. Find an old shirt, the bigger the better. This one was 5 seconds away from car washing purposes.
  2. Cut into 4×4 squares with whatever of the shirt is salvageable. I think I ended up with about 40 squares and it’s a loooong scarf. It’s looped twice in the picture.
  3. Pin the squares in a long chain, overlapping the corners the same way each time so you have a long row of fabric diamonds.
  4. Sew straight down the middle, connecting the diamond-shapes. I used metallic silver thread and a zigzag stitch, but it totally doesn’t matter because it gets all twisted up and looks kind of boa-like anyway. You could stitch completely straight.
  5. Loop it around yourself a couple times and bask in the compliments, knowing you didn’t spend a dime.

Here’s a bit closer view {that I imagine will make some of you exclaim “dddayyyyyum, girlfriend looks BUSTED”. Yeah, I need a facial. Or makeup. Whatever. My scarf is awesome.}:


2 thoughts on “tee shirt scarf”

  1. Thanks!!!

    I’ve been practicing daily on The Look. And since I take these at 6am, before heading to work… I frequently am sort of pissed off! Ha!

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