ultimate wardrobe challenge, week 1

I survived week one of the UWC. Since it’s not yet challenging, and because I wasn’t feeling great this week, I already felt like my choices lacked creativity. Not a great start. But I did knock out a few articles of clothing I don’t wear often. Also, the week got me brainstorming some clothing revamp ideas I’m stoked to try. It wasn’t a bust. Here’s the recap:

Day One, January 1

Already the most daunting part of this challenge is the photo. I am having second thoughts already because I feel awkward about posting hundreds of pictures of myself on the Internet. Welp, HERE WE GOOOOOOO!

I picked up a book today on re-constructing t-shirts, and it’s totally awesome! It’s called Generation T- Beyond Fashion, and I totally recommend it for some EASY, funky t-shirt mods. I can’t wait to try some of these out!

Wearing skinny jeans {Decree}, a studded tank {Passport}, cardigan {Charlotte Russe} and boots {Mudd}. Silver hoops, cuff bracelet from Target.

Flyaway cardigans are so cute, but sometimes they bug me because they can look so boxy. As discreetly as possible, I safety-pinned mine together. I feel so smart.

Day 2, January 2

Woke up motivated to start executing Operation: Get Hot 2010 addition. After breakfast and coffee and some weekly menu-planning, I hit the gym for an hour of cardio and some abs & weights. Then hit the grocery store to stock up on what we’ll be noshing on this week.

I need to stay out of Target. Their 75% off clothing racks taunted me as I made my way between the floss and the tomato paste.

Wearing boyfriend jeans {Decree}, pink and gray Asics {Wish I owned Adidas…hehe}, black long sleeve tee, Run DMC tee. Painted my nails a dark gray {Charlotte Russe}. Funk-ay. No face paint on today… it’s a little scary in photos, eh? Yikes.

Day 3, January 3

Crafty Sunday! I worked on those pillows I blogged about, and just messed around with my craft supplies, planning future projects and getting organized. Discovered a GREAT DIY blog that deserves its own post. {There are so many people out there willing to share their awesome talents with the world. ♥ the Internet.}

Wearing red long-sleeve tee {thrifted}, dragon tee {old, can’t remember….}, gray jeans {Converse AllStar}, turquoise Mary Janes  {Mossimo}, leather bracelet {gift}, silver hoops.

Day 4, January 4

I’m the baby of my workplace. I get reminded regularly. I do my work well {I’m not just some punk kid}, but I do tend to try to put a spin on the business casual. Professional but still fun. And then other times, just kinda goofy.

Wearing a thrifted jumper {New York & Company}, white tank, gray tights, green & gray striped socks, black boots {Mudd}. Other stuff: green cupcake barrette, silver hoops. {I got a bag of like… 100 cupcake barrettes at the Dollar Tree. So… if you want some cupcake awesomeness, too, hit me up. They are a great conversation piece. Once, the sales clerk at a Pier One was prompted by my cupcake barrette to tell me a story about her hometown in Texas, and a great bakery, and everything else there, that she misses. By the end of her story I was giving her a hug.  For real.}

Day 5, January 5

I wear basic black pants WAY too frequently. I own about 8 pairs and they all look the same except I had them tailored to different lengths to wear with different heights of shoes, and some are cuffed. SO BORING, huh? Also, I’m getting sick. Blah.

Wearing black pants {Charlotte Russe}, purple & gray slub shirt {Daytrip}, flyaway cardigan {Charlotte Russe}, black boots, hoop earrings {Target}, necklace {gift}, cocktail ring {Charlotte Russe}.

Day 6, January 6

I started my Marketing class tonight. 530-930 classes make for a looooong day, but school days are also Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte Days, so it’s allllll gooooood. Definitely sick. Cold is full force. That was awesome during a 4 hour class.

Wearing plaid pants {Charlotte Russe}, pink shell {Merona}, maroon waist coat {Decree}, long beaded necklace {I made it}, short butterfly necklace {super old, so I can’t remember}, loafers {l.e.i.}, military book bag {oldie from Hot Topic}.

Day 6, January 6

Today I hated my outfit. I like everything separately but had a hard time with the fit of everything together. I was going for stripes on stripes on purpose. But the collared shirt was too short. The vest was too long. The pants were too short for closed-toe shoes. I am sick so my nose is bright red. And this was the least blurry photo I could muster up today for some reason! Geeeeez.

Wearing black pants {Rue 21}, white shirt {Express, thrifted}, gray vest {Charlotte Russe}, purple tee {Merona}, black loafers {Merona}, filigree earrings {can’t remember}.

Welp, there you have it. Do you have a favorite? Do you hate the commentary? Should I start a separate blog for this or should I keep on rolling it with it on this one? Does my narcissism make you want to punch me in the face? Do tell. And those of you joining me, how’d your week go?


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