crafty weekend

… I was up to stuff.

First, I tried my hand at applique for the first time, and made this pillow out of mostly stuff already on-hand:

I was going for a patchworky, boho vibe, kind of like those Mixed Media pillows Urban Outfitters sells but not right now when I want to link to an example. They had a bird one a while back I *almost* purchased several times. I’m glad I didn’t because mine’s way more awesome.

Here’s a close-up:

After non-scientifically piecing a few scraps together to make a pillow top, I traced a free clip art bird image I’d found online and traced it onto fusible web. Stuck that to the fabric then cut it out and ironed to the pillow top. I stitched around the edges with a zig-zag stitch that totally isn’t perfect but does the job. Added a piece of lace and strip of ribbon. Considered adding some shell buttons or a big ol rhinestone brooch but thought I’d leave that for another project…

I also decided to do something with all the fabric yo yos I made a few years ago. I was going to make a garland for Christmas but then realized I didn’t have it in me to make FOUR THOUSAND MORE. I am gonna stitch them to this green fabric and make another decorative pillow… what should I do in the centers? Buttons, or just leave them as-is?

I start class this week so I don’t know what kind of crafty time I will have in the near future. The three-day weekends came at the perfect time!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “crafty weekend”

  1. Love those pillows! Great job. Hmmm, yoyos’, you are very brave. Buttons in the center would be cute, yellow ones maybe would look like flower centers.

    1. Thanks!! I think I will do buttons in the center. Why not go all-out crazy? 🙂

      When are you setting up your blog, crafty lady?

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