2010 ultimate wardrobe challenge

Here’s the crazy challenge I mentioned in my last post. The 2010 ULTIMATE WARDROBE CHALLENGE!!!

The rules:

  • For 6 months, I do not spend money on ANYTHING fashion-related at retail. Any new items can only be hand-made, thrifted, or gifted. Or borrowed if I get totally desperate. If I’m knocking at your door, sobbing about how I NNNEEEEEEEDDDD cuuuuuuteeeeee jaaaaaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkkeettttt plllleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase… you’ve been warned at least. Jonathan’s closet is fair game, too, so long as I don’t take scissors to any of it. Accessories, shoes, jewelry, outerwear… all count. No new stuff. Even if I don’t have a thrift substitute.
  • I have exceptions. My approved list of purchases: socks/tights/undergarments, super basics limited to white and black tees and tanks because they need replaced frequently.
  • Wear everything I own at least once. If I hate it, I have the option to remodel it. Dye, chop, shorten, whatever. But I have to wear it. Even jewelry. That’ll teach me not to purchase something just cuz it’s $2.
  • Post my outfits weekly here on the blog. Or daily? What do you think? I am thinking a weekly round-up might be fun, especially if they get kind of whacktastic, like the day I have to wear my poncho. Just kidding. I totally don’t own a poncho.
  • Write down my covet/want/lust for stuff. If I still want it when the year is up, I earned it. Also, sometimes I have a sneaking suspicion my closet is only lacking like 5 crucial items, and if I knew what they were and owned those 5 items, life would be complete and every outfit would be perfect. And maybe I’ll find out.
  • I get 2 free passes to purchase. An event like a tropical vacation, wedding, or the heel breaks on my only pair of brown boots means I get to purchase something. I will try to stick to used, but I get 2 guilt-free passes if I don’t.

Now, for the WHY of it.

  • Saves money. Turns out I spend a lot of dough on clothes/junk jewelry. It’ll be an easy way to cut expenses, which is one of my resolutions in 2010.
  • Makes me more creative. Some of my best outfits are constructed when I’m out of clean clothes {or, more accurately, I’m down to only really random items} yet I still have to look presentable at work. People are all like “duuuuude, pin stripe pencil skirt and hello kitty tee shirt- GENIUS!” And I’m secretly relieved people “get it” and when they don’t at least they are like “you’re young, you can get away with anything. So pretty much I have only a few more years to pull this off without looking like a douche. Or, I might, but after 30 I’m a douche that should know better. Boring.
  • I get dressed every single day. And it can be totally fun. I genuinely like the daily challenge. Saving money can be kind of a game.

Anyone want to join in? I start TODAY. I will evaluate at 6 months and decide if I can press on. Here we go with 6 months of shopping in my own closet!*

*yep, those are pictures inside my closet. Looks so much neater in person.


9 thoughts on “2010 ultimate wardrobe challenge”

  1. Awesome Kellie! OK, I have to sit and breathe and maybe cry for a few minutes…but as of right now…I’M IN! No buying (except with my Christmas gift cards to Macy’s that I just have to use to better the economy). I will wear all of my clothes, restyle, upcycle, and think of it as a way to save money! I’ll be checking back for your outfit of the week!

    1. It’s a little scary, I know. But hopefully it will be fun and creative as well. Yay! Thanks for playing along. πŸ˜€

  2. Hey Kellie!

    I’m up for the challenge! Since I will be living out of two suitcases for probably 30 – 60 day, this challenge will be very helpful. BTW, your closet is incredibly organized!

    1. AWESOME! I’m stoked. It’s going to be so hard to resist purchases in Japan, especially when you first get there!!!- good luck!

    1. Thanks, girl! It’s already kind of fun- I’ve been planning outfits ahead and already crafting it up. πŸ˜›

  3. Good idea Kellie!! I don’t know if I have the gusto to join you, but I might do my own mini version!! πŸ™‚ Great blog btw!!

    1. Thanks, Paula! How the devil are ya- It’s been years! Thanks for checking out the little blog. I hope you play along!

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