a rebellious wardrobe challenge

So. I have this boss. She is from Kentucky, which is {apparently} the reason she was brainwashed to follow outdated fashion rules as if THEY WERE WRITTEN BY GOD. Full makeup is not optional. Always wear a slip even if your skirt isn’t see-through. No white after Labor Day. So, she frequently looks at me in horror when I wear gray with brown. Or my shoes don’t match my purse. I am, to her, a fashion disaster.

“You can’t wear blue and black together.”

“Yep, you can. That rule was revoked.”

“By who?”

Kenny Wayne Shepherd band.”

Then today, I boldly informed her that black and brown are totally awesome together, and she was horrified. {I should mention, I LIKE to freak her out. It’s one of my favorite hobbies. Thank you for funding it with your tax dollars.}


So, determined to prove her wrong I told her I’m going to rock her WORLD tomorrow with a freakin AWESOME black and brown ensemble. Stephanie’s joining in for the great Black and Brown Challenge of 2009. It will be epic. And here is {roughly} what I’m planning:

Not too crazy, right? – don’t you think black and brown can look great together? I think it’s because it’s simple but still unexpected. It looks like planned rule-breaking. It has to look intentional and put-together to work, maybe, but it’s certainly not boring.


One thought on “a rebellious wardrobe challenge”

  1. I love your blog! You are such an inspiration in fashion and many other things! I like the idea of black and brown together. I wonder if I could pull it off. I might have to try it tomorrow!

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