fashion distraction

Don’t you think one of the best things about winter is getting to wear crazy tights and awesome boots?



It is SNOWING today for the first time this season and I’m pretending to hate it. I mean, I will hate it by tomorrow for sure. But today it’s inspired me to drag out all my tights and hats and scarves. And read lots of fashion blogs. Because suddenly I get to wear MORE LAYERS! And incorporate OUTERWEAR! And if I skip the gym and drink too much spiked eggnog NO ONE WILL KNOW UNTIL SPRING! So yeah, ok, I totally hate winter but I love putting away the shorts and tank tops.

And also…. I should be plugging away at cramming for my Accounting midterm, but I’ve got a 20-minute attention span for things I hate. One positive of homework-avoidance is I get lots of other undesirable tasks done when I should be studying. Like grocery shopping, cleaning the floors, getting an oil change, marathon-cooking? CHECK. Those all suddenly seem less horrible pitted against the alternative. My fridge is full and my house is clean but reeks of pot roast and potatoes.  Pot roast and potatoes I can now EAT and hide my sins under wool and corduroy for months.


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