end of fall hike

I spent my Veteran’s Day off, coincidentally, with some of my favorite veterans, hiking the Sunset Trail in Farmington Canyon. Tomorrow the forecast calls for snow, so this is also probably the last hiking-worthy day for a lot of months. SAD.

Sunset Trail, Farmington 11 Nov 09 037 sm

Here is Steve, Teresa, Ed and I {plus Jolie and Soro} up toward the top of the trail.

Sunset Trail, Farmington 11 Nov 09 040 sm

My favorite thing was this suuuuuper old car just sitting off the side of the trail. I have no idea how someone got it there! Freaked me right out.

Sunset Trail, Farmington 11 Nov 09 020 sm

Steve’s chunky dog, Jolie, is the best hiker ever. Soro was keeping up on his short legs. I always liken dogs to celebrities. I think Jolie looks like Christina Ricci.

Sunset Trail, Farmington 11 Nov 09 009 sm


2 thoughts on “end of fall hike”

  1. I’m pretty sure that car has been there since the 1920s. It was crashed by bootleggers on their way home from a speakeasy. Or possibly crashed by bootleggers after picking up a load of moonshine in the canyon?

  2. I can definitely see the Christina Ricci in that dog.

    Also, I agree about the car being creepy – makes me wonder who perished in order for it to get in that crumbled odd spot.

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