fall J.Crew

I really like J.Crew. Not that I can afford it, but I lust after their great cardigans and dresses frequently. Sometimes I realize it’s probably just their brilliant styling, because lots of the pieces on their own are really kind of meh. I could create similar outfits from stuff I buy at Target or Forever 21 (and hey, whatdoyaknow, I have done that). But, they can really put together a great outfit and their fall stuff has me wanting to forsake my budget.


Then other times I think the people at J.Crew are effing with us. As in, they think can get away with anything. As in, they can put their models in friggin HOT PINK ankle socks with their otherwise perfect outfits and we will think they are genius.

jc1 jc2

The first one I thought was maybe a mistake, like maybe they were supposed to crop out the footwear. And then I thought maybe I was ok with it, when I saw it was intentional. And now I’m just confused and found that I can buy a 3-pack of the pink socks for $24.50, and I think I cried a little.*

*I’m also cutting back on caffeine this week.  Forgive please.


One thought on “fall J.Crew”

  1. omg, they are genius!! why haven’t i thought of hot pink ankle socks before?! they add just the perfect splash of color. Must. buy. now.

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