real estate stalemate.


So, I really like our house. Look how cute she is? Those dormer windows and that little porch- cute! Green door on white siding- cute!

So, J wants to move. He’s the partner paying attention to interest rates and real estate costs and equity. He’s the one who’s read up on new construction tax breaks  and incentives. He wants a bigger garage, a yard he designs from scratch, a bigger theater room. We could get more bang for our buck. It’s the time to buy. We have equity and could upgrade with only minimal financial impact.

But… I really like our modest house payment. I like my tiny kitchen and other small rooms that are quick to straighten up and feel cozy even when I’m home alone. I’m attached to it because of the work we put into it, and the work we continue to put into it. I love planning little future projects to spruce it up and have no desire for something more formal or impressive. I am not a champagne taste kind of gal. I prefer simple and casual, and anything more feels awkward and unnecessary and brings out my white liberal guilt.

I actually don’t like new homes. Suburban neighborhoods, to me, are soulless, and what made me like my house when we were first house-hunting was it doesn’t look like all the others on the block. It was the black sheep, and it needed TLC, and I liked that. It’s nothing extraordinary, but it was really craptastic when we bought it, and we’ve put tons of work and style into it. I fancy myself an amateur designer to an extent. Moving into a new, perfect house feels like cheating, a bit. I have dreams of converting a factory floor into a loft apartment, or renovating a 1924 historic home. I don’t want to live in a Pottery Barn catalog, I want to find clever solutions to covering up an old radiator.

So, I’ve been kind of a stubborn ass about the moving idea. (Except not kind of.) I just honestly don’t know what the compromise would be. Am I being ridiculous? Probably. But what is the compromise here? Buying a different (old) house is out of the question (for him).  Buying a brand new house with all the upgrades is not something I am convinced to do. Buying a new(ish) house with all the problems of an old house is what we did the first time and clearly J isn’t gonna be keen on that idea again.

Does anyone have any opinions/advice/sarcastic comments on this married-couple conundrum? I would love to hear what anyone has to say.


3 thoughts on “real estate stalemate.”

  1. Your house is really nice. It is wonderful to live in a financially comfortable way.
    That said, if you buy a different house we all get to read all about it’s transformation. So, selfishly, I say go for it.

  2. Thank you!

    And honestly, the idea of getting to play around is sorta fun. This is my first house and I’ve made a few mistakes I’ve learned from. But then, I’m not done scheming for my current house either. There’ll be tears when I leave for sure!

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