i heart san francisco


The hubby and I took a quick trip to San Francisco last week. It was such a great time- beautiful weather, tons of interesting places and people, and good food. I got a new Lomography fish eye camera at Urban Outfitters beforehand. I haven’t developed the film yet, so I plan to do an entire post on San Francisco through the Fish Eye.

Day 1

Arrived in SF. Ate some tasty pizza for lunch and got oriented. Visited the wharf, Pier 39 and the Bay Aquarium. Took approximately 7 photos before my camera battery died, 5 minutes into exploring the Aquarium. Got a junky disposable camera until I could find a battery.

Took a ferry ride under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz. Ate some tasty shrimp for dinner, hubby ate chicken of course. The pier is so pretty at night, though cheesy and touristy. We ended up spending our evenings at the pier like the other rather unadventurous tourists.


Day 2

Took the bus to China Town. Bought some pretty chopsticks and a camera battery (yay!) and fought the crowded sidewalks and markets. It was smelly, insanely crowded, and depressing, strung together with occasional festive bursts of color from many of the shops selling fake Gucci purses and polyester fans.  Took another bus to Golden Gate Park and visited the de Young Legion of Honor museum. Stopped in Japan Town and bought some sushi mats at a market. Took another bus to the beach across the city and played in the ocean. It was absolutely freezing but we did our best to frolic jovially, as my rule is to never take a beach for granted.



Again, another bus back to the pier. Checked out the sea lions and ate fish and shrimp tacos.

Day 3

Walked to Ghiridelli Square, where I bought some awesome paper goods {cute stationary, tiny notebooks, and Hello Kitty stickers… heh}. Walked Hyde Street Pier, happy to be sporting layers. They aren’t kidding about the crazy weather.


Checked out Union Square and didn’t even bother to set foot in a Saks, Bloomingdales, or the like. {Stayed under budget the whole trip, go me!}  Headed to the Museum of Modern Art, where we got to check out the Ansel Adams/ Georgia O’Keefe exhibit and the Richard Avedon exhibit. Both were brilliant! No photography allowed in the featured exhibits, but I took plenty of pictures on the first 2 levels. I have a thing for Roy Lichtenstein.


Took a bus again to Union Square then the subway to the Ferry Building. Ate espresso gellato at a cute little stand then some tiny macaroons at Miette, the cutest tiny bakery in the history of tiny, cute bakeries. Their packaging is as adorable as the tiny treats:


Headed back to the pier for some shopping and dinner. Tried some Cioppino, the city’s most famous dish. It was definitely NOT my thing- couldn’t gag it down! It tasted like Fisherman’s Grotto smelled. The waiter took it off the bill {and we tipped him well for being a swell guy} and I went to In-N-Out burger afterward (Heh). Here’s the Cioppino- daunting, no?


Day 4

Only a couple morning hours to do much, so we walked through the Cannery and took some photos of the bay in the fog. I love that so many of the beautiful old buildings in the city have been kept up and converted into places for yuppies to buy organic coffee and handmade paper goods. The Cannery was once where they manufactured Del Monte brand goods and now looks like this:


Jonathan was a great sport about the entire thing- art museums, seafood restaurants, all that WALKING. He totally gets to pick the next vacation. And yup, I totally do heart San Francisco.


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