Well, hi.

Welcome to my new blog. If you didn’t know, I’ve been blogging since January 2007 right here.

I’ll be here from now on.

A bit about me:

1. Currently I am 26. Married to my high-school sweetheart, Jonathan. Right-handed. Left-winged. A technical writer by trade. We have an energetic and loyal yellow lab named Sadie, and she always makes me smile.

2. I live in the suburbs of Davis County, Utah. I love my house because it’s full of memories and stuff I love. I like to cook and entertain here. My husband and I {with the help of family} have re-done pretty much everything inside the house, and put lots of time into the yard, too. I rearrange the furniture and decor {frequently} for fun. It’s absolutely never finished, and I don’t want it to be.

3. I prefer old homes with lots of history and plumbing leaks. I prefer cities with culture, diversity and constant action. But I like my situation anyway.

4. I am working on my MBA. I have a bachelors in English from USU. I love to read. I could be a professional student. I wish I had gone to school to be an interior designer. Scratch that. I wish I were ballsy enough to go back and do that now.

5. Love: blogs and blogging. Taking pictures. Writing lists. Jewelry {making, collecting}. Hostessing and entertaining. Hello Kitty. Planning and going on trips. Thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. Daydreaming about running away from it all and starting over. Coffee. Office supplies/ stationary/ stickers. Planning outfits. Stacks of clean laundry. iPod on shuffle. Laying in the sun. Hummus and pita. Lip gloss. Cocktails. Irreverent and/or ironic humor. Unlikely style icons. Rain.

6. Hate: people asking when I’m going to have kids. Processed meat. Snow. “LOL”. Television.

I hope you enjoy my new blog, and thanks for stopping by!



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